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Specialist Lessons – Delete

Sometimes we run Specialist lessons in addition to our usual training. This allows us to concentrate on one particular discipline.


Elbow Strike

Meadvale Karate runs regular self-defence courses which are open to both students and non-students of the Club.

Self-defence is incorporated into all our lessons.

At Meadvale Karate Club we define self-defence as the ability to keep yourself safe throughout your daily life. It should be an ongoing process not just reserved for threatening situations. This is best achieved by avoiding “risky” situations in the first place where possible. Where avoidance is not possible then the next best solution is to RUN – as far and as fast as possible away from danger.

It is when these options are not possible that physical self-defence methods must be deployed.

We practice practical self-defence, that is, methods that are simple and effective. They need to work regardless of physical fitness, size, age or disability. Keeping it simple is the key. In a panic situation people may firstly have a second of disbelief – “this can’t be happening to me”. Then “what can I do?” Those thoughts, coupled with a natural “freeze” response can be enough for an attacker to get the upper hand. By practising responses on a regular basis the hope is that your brain will react on reflex and you will get away safely.

Obviously, nothing is ever guaranteed so the first rules of self-defence of Avoidance and Run are always going to be the best response.

If you would like to know more about how you can keep yourself safe please contact us.


Weapons training is enjoyed by all students. Strictly speaking, the use of weapons is not used in traditional karate as the term “karate” means “empty hands” in Japanese. However, most of our students enjoy the variety in training with them. They also provide some experience of other martial arts to broaden our knowledge.

karate martial arts
Learning Nunchuka Kata

We generally use Nunchuku and Bo Staffs. In addition to free style practice, Weapon Katas are learned and the bunkai (application) for each is used and discussed. Weapon Katas are also performed at Competitions.

Competition Training

Training for Competitions involves a slightly different emphasis than is usually practised in our sessions. In addition to Individual Kata and Kumite (Sparring) there is a Gladiators section, Paired and Team Kata and often a Weapons Category.

For example, for Individual Kata categories, the student must perform a Kata solo. It takes time to practice this so that the students are confident performing solo. There are also Paired Kata and Team Kata categories. In these, the Katas must be performed to exactly the same timing by all the team members. Team members must learn to perform the kata as a team without looking at their team members. This takes a considerable amount of practice.

Sparring is also a point scoring competition. Therefore, there is a different emphasis from grading sparring in which the students show off their skill. Students therefore need to practice techniques to score the most points most effectively.

Meadvale karate competition trophies
Some of our trophies

Click here for more on Competitions

Visiting Instructors

From time to time we invite another Instructor to provide a training session on a specific topic. These Instructors may be from Karate or from another martial arts discipline. The topics covered may include advanced Kata, weapons or a difference approach to techniques. This broadens our knowledge and means that we enjoy a closer relationship with other clubs and associations.