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Benefits of Meadvale Karate Club

Want to get fit and need some motivation? Help your child keep active and learn self-control. Just need to do some exercise?

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Meadvale Karate Club helps people of all ages and abilities improve their physical and mental strength. Whether you have experience with martial arts or are a complete beginner, the friendly atmosphere increases the enjoyment of learning.

Improve your posture and core strength
Learn self defence skills
Increase your cardiovascular fitness
Toughen up your mental and physical stamina
Increase your concentration
Enhance your spatial awareness

Benefits of Exercise at each Age

karate leg block

Contrary to popular thought, karate is not all about chopping bricks or fighting. It is using the body to its maximum potential with technique and focus.

Practising karate uses the students’ own body to strengthen, tone and improve balance and coordination. These improvements benefit everyone across all ages.

Children between 5 and 10 years

Junior school children improve coordination, balance, speed of reflexes and strength. They learn that it is necessary to behave during the lessons and show respect to the Sensei and their fellow students.

Children from 10 to 16 years

Older children and teenagers discover how to control their new body shape as they physically grow very quickly. They learn how to use their strength appropriately and behave responsibly. They also increase their self-confidence and self-respect.

Teenagers and Young Adults

Maturing from 16 to 25 years, students learn good habits and the benefits of exercise to increase stamina, discipline and fitness. Gaining life skills of self-defence they also appreciate self-control. Increasing their self-confidence without arrogance develops an awareness of how to recognise and avoid dangerous situations, both in and out of the Dojo. Students appreciate these additional skills for university and job applications.


Adults over 25 regularly training in karate benefit from good cardiovascular fitness, joint suppleness and flexibility. The medium-impact exercise often lessens the onset of heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and osteoporosis, improving posture, confidence and toning. Karate is also a great stress reliever after a day at work.

Supportive Fellow Students

karate nunchucks kata exercise together

Some of our students started as beginners and so remember how they felt at their first lesson. Others trained in other martial arts before coming to train with us. This enables us to appreciate techniques from other martial arts and discuss their benefits. Some of the teenage students help out in other classes as part of the Service section for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Students at Meadvale Karate Club training regularly together often become good friends as well as training partners.

Family Atmosphere

Some families have several members training with us. This brings the family together as there is a shared interest and they can all practice with each other at home. Our Summer grading provides an opportunity for the whole Club to train together. All the families are invited to come and watch and many bring cakes to share during the lunch break.


Bullying is a complex issue which can affect anyone at all ages. For adults, it may be in the form of workplace or domestic violence. Children may experience it at school, in the family or in the neighbourhood.

There is no quick fix for bullying. However, Karate can be of benefit so that the victim can overcome some of the issues and prevent future incidents.

Meadvale Karate Club provides a friendly, safe and supportive environment for those with difficulties. It helps people gain more self-esteem and self-confidence. Our self-defence training provides ideas for general protection and a practical common-sense approach to keeping safe.

For more information about the benefits of Self-defence please contact us.

Reasonable Costs

We realise that there can be a lot of outlay at the start of each term. We also understand that sometimes students are unwell or simply cannot attend each lesson. Therefore, we operate a “pay as you go” system where students pay each time they train. Some parents or students prefer to pay for a few weeks in advance. Credit is given for any missed classes within that period.

In addition to the usual subs, there is an annual fee to cover Liability Insurance which all students must have. Gradings also take place three times a year.

The karate uniform is available from us at competitive prices. Alternatively, the items can be purchased elsewhere.

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