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Self Defence

Self-defence is becoming a much discussed topic in todays society.

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Our Ethos

To be clear, at Meadvale Karate we believe that attacks or crime in any form is always the fault of the perpetrator. Educating society as a whole as to what constitutes acceptable behaviour will help to reduce crimes.

Everyone should have the freedom to live their lives in safety without fear of crime. However, unfortunately there will always be people around who do not share our ideals. Until we live in a much safer world, we consider our Self-defence courses helpful for those who wish to be aware of where and how crimes may happen and how to minimise the effects.

Attacks/crimes can be carried out by anyone, against anyone, anytime and anywhere. Some people know their attackers and some do not.

What to Expect

Our classes discuss ways in which people may reduce their chances of being involved in a crime whether it be theft, mugging, physical assault, sexual assault or domestic violence. Sensible and reasonable precautions will not substantially restrict personal freedoms.

Crime using weapons is increasingly common and we discuss ways to defend ourselves physically from such attacks.

We talk about personal responses to assaults eg. the “freeze” as well as suggestions for physical, mental and emotional recovery.

self defence elbow strike

We practice practical self-defence, that is, methods that are simple and effective. These need to work regardless of physical fitness, size, age or disability. Keeping it simple is the key. In a panic situation, people may firstly have a second of disbelief – “this can’t be happening to me”. Then “what can I do?” Those thoughts, coupled with a natural “freeze” response can be enough for an attacker to get the upper hand.

Meadvale Karate runs courses to improve personal security and protection with an experienced instructor. They are open to both students and non-students of the Club. We also run courses for students or women only groups.

We also incorporate self defence in all our regular classes.

If you would like to know more about keeping safe, for you or your children, please contact us.

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