Self Defence

Personal security and protection are becoming more important in today’s society. Increasing awareness of potential situations and knowing some basic self defence will improve your chances of safety and survival.

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At Meadvale Karate Club we define self defence as the ability to keep yourself safe throughout your daily life. It should be an ongoing process not just reserved for threatening situations. This is best achieved by avoiding “risky” situations in the first place where possible. Where avoidance is not possible then the next best solution is to RUN – as far and as fast as possible away from danger.

It is when these options are not possible that physical self-defence methods must be deployed.

self defence elbow strike

Meadvale Karate runs courses to improve personal security and protection. They are open to both students and non-students of the Club. We also run courses for students or women only groups.

We practice practical self-defence, that is, methods that are simple and effective. They need to work regardless of physical fitness, size, age or disability. Keeping it simple is the key. In a panic situation, people may firstly have a second of disbelief – “this can’t be happening to me”. Then “what can I do?” Those thoughts, coupled with a natural “freeze” response can be enough for an attacker to get the upper hand. By practising responses on a regular basis you should react as a reflex and get away safely.

Situational avoidance is key. However, an assault could happen anywhere even in familiar surroundings. As nothing is ever guaranteed, the best response is Avoidance and Run.

We also incorporate self defence in all our regular classes.

If you would like to know more about keeping safe, for you or your children, please contact us.

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