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Karate Gradings

We encourage students to progress and develop their skills with a karate grading each term. It is a chance to demonstrate their competence and move up to the next level.

Meadvale karate belt grades

There is an opportunity to grade three times each year usually in December, March and July. The main grading is in July when all the students get to train together.

Meadvale karate sparing
From our Summer Grading 2019

The belt colour order is the same for the Juniors and Seniors.

The Juniors work through three tag levels for each belt colour. Students receive one tag for a “good” grading and two tags for an “excellent” achievement.

Senior students step up with complete belts (no tags), requiring a higher standard each time. It is not unusual for a student to miss a grading, especially at higher levels, if they have not quite attained the required standard.

Do bear in mind that students progress at different rates. Several factors affect can progress such as physical growth rates, attitude to training and other external factors. The achievement of a “Black Belt” is a long and often hard physical and mental process. Meadvale Karate Club is not a club that awards this esteemed level lightly.

Karate Grading levels

Our karate grading levels are;

9th Kyu – Red Kyu
8th Kyu – Yellow belt
7th Kyu – Orange belt
6th Kyu – Green belt
5th Kyu – Blue belt
4th Kyu – Purple belt
3rd Kyu – Brown belt plus 1 tag
2nd Kyu – Brown belt plus 2 tags
1st Kyu – Brown belt plus 3 tags
Shodan-Ho – Black Belt
Shodan – Black belt 1st Dan
Nidan – Black belt 2nd Dan

karate gradings black belt

Students receive grades for the correct performance of the kata required for that level. There is an assessment of their combinations, stances, strikes, kicks and blocks according to each grade.

In addition to their technical ability, we also consider their behaviour and attitude to training throughout the whole term. Good attendance at classes, timekeeping, self-control and enthusiasm are all assessed.

Many students steadily work through the different belt colours and we award certificates of achievement at each level.

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