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Karate Competition

Meadvale trophies

Attending a karate competition usually results in an array of medals and trophies for our students.

Competition Categories

There are several categories in a Karate Competition:

Gladiators has an upper age limit of around 14 years. The students wear head guards, gum shields and body armour. The aim is to push your opponent off the competition mat using a punch bag.

Meadvale karate competition

At Individual Kata, the competitor must perform kata solo. The best performance will win.

nekoashidachi stance kata
Perfect nekoashidachi stance in Pinan Shodan Kata – 2nd place

Two or three competitors perform in the Pairs and Team Kata. The winners are the team who perform the best kata, synchronised with each other.

In Kumite (Sparring), the competitors spar to score points against each other.

karate kick
Meadvale karate trophies
Two First Places – Kumite and Individual Kata

Weapons Kata. This is a specific series of techniques using a martial arts weapon. As with the usual kata, the winner will be the competitor who performs best.

For all categories, the competitors wear either a red or blue belt to compete. The referees will raise a red or blue flag at the end of each bout to indicate their judgement.

Competition Training

Training for Competitions involves a slightly different emphasis than is usually practised in our classes.

For example, for Individual Kata categories, the student must perform a Kata solo. It takes time to practice this so that the students are confident performing solo. There are also Paired Kata and Team Kata categories. In these, the Katas must be performed to exactly the same timing by all the team members. Team members must learn to perform the kata as a team without looking at their team members. This takes a considerable amount of practice.

Sparring is a point-scoring competition. Therefore, there is a different emphasis from grading sparring in which the students show off their skills. Students, therefore, need to practice techniques to score the most points most effectively.

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