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Welcome to our Classes

We have approximately 60 students training regularly with us and 4 karate classes running, mainly during term time. However, we sometimes run Specialist Lessons focusing on, for example, self-defence, weapons or competition training.

Contact Us or Call / Text on 07954 563271

Class Times

4.15-5.15pm open to all

6.00-7.00pm Juniors
7.00-8.00pm Juniors
8.00-9.00pm Seniors and higher grades (teenagers and adults)

All our classes have a mix of beginners and more experienced students. New members can choose the class that best suits their weekly schedule for after-school activities.


All classes are in St Johns Church Community Centre, Church Rd, Redhill RH1 6QA (near St Johns School and The Plough Pub)

Meadvale Karate at St Johns Map

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“Engaging, fun, disciplined and friendly.”


Children can begin training at around 5 years old. There is no upper age limit.


The cost is £5 on a “pay as you go” basis for Juniors. Seniors (over 18’s) who have another family member training at the Club also pay £5. Other Seniors £7 for session also on a PAYG basis.

Payment can be by cash at the class or by bank transfer. Some students prefer to pay for a block of classes in advance which is also acceptable.

“As a teacher myself, I highly recommend Fiona’s karate classes. She has extensive experience, makes the classes fun and is a natural with children. I attended one of her adult self-defence classes and was really impressed with all the techniques Fiona taught us for defence. It certainly boosted my confidence.”
Mel H

Meadvale karate classes

Karate Class Format

Our classes begin with a warm-up and stretch followed by a practice of our basic strikes, blocks and kicks. We then move on to:

Performance of Kata which is a series of blocks, strikes and kicks in a specific sequence. It has great value for training in the performance of correct stances. It develops power, improves core tone, corrects techniques, tones muscle groups and provides combinations of moves which can be used in sparring or for self-defence purposes. Students learn about the meaning of the moves (bunkai) and their application. This aids understanding of the Kata itself and elevates its practice from a series of moves to valuable training aid.

Sparring increases aerobic fitness, develops spatial awareness and puts into practice the blocks and strikes learnt.

karate kick block

Bag work enables safe striking or kicking without fear of hurting an opponent. Therefore accuracy, power, strength and correct techniques can be practised.

Practical self-defence is an important part of our training programme. However, avoiding dangerous situations in the first place is the best and most effective form of keeping safe.

At the end of the Junior classes, we play the ever-popular Bottle Game which never seems to lose its appeal.


karate mitts gloves
Gloves/mitts for sparring

Students wear a traditional white suit called a Gi to all karate classes. They wear the belt for their grade around their waist. When sparring, we use gloves. Whilst the term “Karate” traditionally means “empty hands” we wear thumb-less mitts to help protect our fingers and our opponents. Gum shields are mandatory for sparring.


Discipline is very important when learning karate. Students learn to control themselves by listening to instructions given by the Sensei, doing as they are instructed and being mindful of their own power and strength. Students should, therefore, develop inner strength and calm leading to an increase in self-esteem and self-worth without arrogance.

Your First Lesson

When you come and join a karate class for the first time you may be very nervous. Please remember that we are a very friendly Club and all the students will be wanting you to feel welcome and enjoy training with us.

If you are bringing your child along for the first time do please stay and chat with the other parents who will also be watching.

For the first class, all you need is a loose-fitting top and trousers. You can borrow anything else required. Thereafter, the cost is on a “pay as you go” basis. Come along for a few weeks, then decide if you or your child want to formally join the club.

New students are welcome to join in all our activities. We will pair you up with someone to “shadow” until you are more confident. Please don’t worry if you get things wrong – it’s your first class.

Specialist Classes

In addition to our karate classes, sometimes we run specialist lessons. This allows us to concentrate on one particular discipline. These lessons include:

Self Defence

Meadvale Karate runs regular self-defence courses which are open to both students and non-students of the Club.

See more about Self-Defence

Martial Arts Weapons

Students often enjoy weapons training which provides an experience of other martial arts to broaden their knowledge.

More about Martial Arts Weapons

Competition Training

Training for Competitions involves a slightly different emphasis and class format. In addition to Individual Kata and Kumite (Sparring) there is a Gladiators category, Paired and Team Kata and often a Weapons Category.

See more on Competitions

Visiting Instructors

From time to time we invite another Instructor to provide a training session on a specific topic. These Instructors may be from Karate or from another martial art discipline. The topics covered may include advanced Kata, weapons or a different approach to techniques. This broadens our knowledge and means that we enjoy a closer relationship with other Clubs and Martial Arts Associations.