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We also attend competitions which usually produce an array of medals and trophies. This enables students to compete and demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

There are several categories in Competitions :


This has an upper age limit of around 14 years. The students wear head guards, gum shields and body armour. The aim is to push your opponent off the mat using a punch bag.

Meadvale karate competition

Individual Kata

The competitor must perform a kata of their choice solo. The best performance will win.

Meadvale karate kata
Perfect nekoashidachi stance in Pinan Shodan Kata – 2nd place

Paired and Team Kata

Kata is performed with 2 or 3 competitors in a team. The winners are the team who perform the best kata moving in time with each other.

Kumite (Sparring)

The competitors spar to score points against each other. Certain strikes and kicks have points awarded when performed. The winner will be the competitor reaching the required number of points in the time allowed for the bout.

karate competition kick
A kick to the head (jodan) is 3 points in competition.

Weapons Kata

This is a category where weapons kata is performed. This is a specific series of techniques using a martial arts weapon. As with the Individual kata, the winner will be the competitor who performs best.

Meadvale karate Competition winner trophies

Our students are free to choose which categories they wish to compete in. For further details about competitions please Click here.


We hold Gradings 3 times each year usually in December, March and July. However, the dates may vary slightly each year depending on other considerations. For example, a competition that we are attending. Our main Grading is in July when all of our students get together to train.

Meadvale karate sparing
From our Summer Grading 2019

Junior belts are the same as the Senior belts except that in between each belt there are 3 tags. After a “good” grading a student will be awarded 1 tag. An “excellent” grading will be awarded 2 tags.

Senior students are graded in complete belts which naturally means that a higher standard is required. It is not unusual for a student to miss a grading especially at higher levels if they have not quite attained the required standard.

It should be borne in mind that all students progress at different rates. Progress at any stage can be affected by many factors eg. Physical growth rates, external factors affecting attitude to training etc. The obtaining of a “Black Belt” is a long and often hard physical and mental process. Meadvale Karate Club is not a club that awards this lightly.

Meadvale karate belt

Our Grading system is as follows:

  • Red belt -9th Kyu
  • Yellow belt- 8th Kyu
  • Orange belt- 7th Kyu
  • Green belt- 6th Kyu
  • Blue belt- 5th Kyu
  • Purple belt- 4th Kyu
  • Brown belt plus -1 tag 3rd Kyu
karate grading black belt
  • Brown belt plus 2 tags-2nd Kyu
  • Brown belt plus 3 tags -1st Kyu
  • Black belt- Shodan-Ho
  • 1st Dan -Shodan
  • 2nd Dan- Nidan

Grades are awarded for the correct performance of the kata required for that grade. Combinations, stances, strikes, kicks and blocks are also assessed. according to each grade.

In addition to their technical ability, the behaviour and attitude of students to training in between Gradings is also taken into consideration. Good attendance, time keeping, behaviour, self control and enthusiasm are all assessed.